Here at Sifnos Stoneware we make two different types of stoneware clay. One clay for everyday use items such as dinnerware and accessories and another special flameproof clay designed to withstand extreme temperature changes. These two clays have different properties and uses. The dinnerware clay for example can be used in the electric or gas oven, but not on the stovetop, while the flameproof clay can be used in both cases.

Please check the following distinctive pictograms which will help you see the appropriate use of each product.

Sifnos Stoneware - FlamewareThese items are flameproof and can withstand extreme temperature change

Sifnos Stoneware - OvenCan be used in the oven

Sifnos Stoneware - StovetopCan be used on the stoveto

Sifnos Stoneware - BarbequeCan be used on the barbeque or grill

Sifnos Stoneware -Microwave OvenCan be used in the microwave ove

Sifnos Stoneware -Wood OvenCan be used in the wood ove

Sifnos Stoneware - DishwasherCan be used in the dishwashe

Sifnos Stoneware - Refrigerator, FreezerCan be used in the refrigerator and freezer