Order Policy


Certain products that are not in stock can be purchased on backorder. If you choose to backorder products, please allow 3 weeks for these products to be manufactured. This does not include delivery time. If you purchase items that are already in stock along with backordered items, your order will be shipped when the backordered items have been manufactured.

If you have any questions or are not sure about backorders, please contact us first at info@sifnosstoneware.com, through our contact form, or at +30 22840 33090.


Orders will be shipped within 2 working days from completion of the ordering process. Products will be shipped to the address specified by each customer during the order procedure. Shipment costs will be charged to the customer, and will be specified during the ordering process. The Company makes all possible efforts to ship orders within the time period specified.

We ship Worldwide*. Different shipping companies are used depending on the destination country. Shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight** and the volumetric weight of the order.

*We are unable to ship to the Vatican.

** The weight of the order used to calculate shipping costs includes the additional weight of the packing material.  The weight specified in the product dimensions is the actual product weight.

Shipping calculation for Hellenic Post: The total weight of the parcels in the order.

Shipping calculation for UPS and DHL: The larger weight between the total weight and the volumetric weight of the parcels in the order. Each parcel/box we use has a volumetric weight of 19.2kg. The volumetric weight calculated for an order (as long as it is greater than the total weight) is that which corresponds to 19.2kg until the box is filled. The volumetric weight of 2 boxes are calculated at 38.4kg (2 x 19.2) and so on.

Orders within Greece are shipped according the following method:

Orders within Greece are shipped with Speedex or Hellenic Post.

Delivery at shipping address within 2-4 working days.
For remote and inaccessible areas orders are to be picked up from your area’s central Speedex station.
Cost €5,00 up to 5kg, plus €1,50 for each additional kg.
COD cost €2,70. Only for orders within Greece and up to €500.

Hellenic Post
Delivery within 10 working days. Pick up from your local Post Office.
Cost €4,34 up to 2kg, plus €1,24 for each additional kg.
COD cost €3,72. Only for orders within Greece and up to €500.

Orders within Europe are shipped according the following method:

Orders within Europe are shipped with Hellenic Post UPS*, or DHL**. Delivery within 2 weeks by Hellenic Post, 5-6 working days by UPS or DHL.
Cost starts from €29,14.

For Cyprus and Balkan Countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey)
Cost starts from €21,70.

Orders outside Europe are shipped according the following method:

Orders outside Europe are shipped with Hellenic Post or UPS*. Delivery within 2 weeks by Hellenic Post, 5-6 working days by UPS
Cost starts from €35,34.

All prices include 24% VAT.

*Orders shipped via UPS are initially dispatched through Speedex, which in turn transfers the order to UPS for final delivery.

**Order shipped via DHL within the European Union are delivered by truck. Orders within Europe but outside the EU are transported by air and delivered within 48 hours after leaving Sifnos and reaching Athens.

The company cannot know and is not accountable for any customs charges incurred or for any delays regarding customs charges on orders outside the EU.

It is the customers responsibility to track their order via the tracking code supplied after dispatch. If an order is returned by the chosen carrier due to recipient absence or any reason pertaining to not receiving the parcel, the company is not liable. Re-shipping costs are incurred by the customer.

Shipment delays

Your order can be delayed for one of the following reasons:

  • During extreme weather conditions, strikes, force majeure affecting shipment and delivery
  • In case that email and/or phone communication with you is not possible
  • If there is a problem during the processing of your order for example: a problem with the ordered product, a problem with the payment, your details have been incorrectly entered, etc.
  • Customs related delays on shipments oustide the EU.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for purchase on our website with set prices or at a custom amount between €10 and €1000. Gift cards purchased are sent electronically to the recipient’s email that you enter at a date that you specify. There is no expiration date and can be used at any time separately or in combination with multiple gift cards.

When ordering, enter your gift card code at checkout or click on the link in your email and it will be added to your cart automatically. The amount will be deducted from your cart total (including any shipping charges).

If the gift card amount is less than your cart total, you will have to pay the difference.

If it is more than your cart total, the remaining amount will stay in your gift card for future use, you never lose your total.

You can check your gift card balance here