Modeling and Mold Making

Δημιουργία Πρωτοτύπων και Καλουπιών Δημιουργία Πρωτοτύπων και Καλουπιών

The molds used are all created on site. A prototype is shaped out of plaster on a specially designed wheel. Plaster negatives of the prototype are made and from those, master molds.

Clay Mixing

Μείξη Πηλού

High quality clays in powder form are mixed with water to create slip. Slip is liquid clay the consistency of heavy cream.


Δημιουργία Αντικειμένων με Καλούπια Δημιουργία Αντικειμένων με Καλούπια

The slip is then poured into plaster molds. The porous plaster absorbs water from the slip and a wall of clay is created. With time, the wall gets thicker. At the desired thickness excess slip is emptied from the mold. Once the clay starts to stiffen, the mold is opened and the item is then removed from the mold and left to dry.

Δημιουργία Αντικειμένων με Καλούπια Δημιουργία Αντικειμένων με Καλούπια


Στέγνωμα αντικειμένων Λείανση αντικειμένων

When items have become bone dry, the edges are smoothed off and sponged.


Στον τροχό

Special items are hand thrown on the potter’s wheel.

Painting and Glazing

Ζωγράφισμα και Υάλωση Ζωγράφισμα και Υάλωση

All items are hand painted and dip glazed or spray glazed with colors and glazes made exclusively at Sifnos Stoneware.


Ψήσιμο Ψήσιμο

Once glazed, items are ready to be fired. The kiln is carefully loaded and fired to 1250o C over a period of 10-12 hours. The kiln is then let to cool for 24 hours and finally opened. Lastly, the ware is thoroughly inspected for any flaws created during firing.